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Heard that Ha Giang is famous for its illusory beauty and the warmth of local customs and people, Here is some information about the Ha Giang Loop map that you can use to plan your trip.

Heard that Ha Giang is famous for its illusory beauty and the warmth of local customs and people, Here is some information about the Ha Giang Loop map that you can use to plan your trip.

Information about Ha Giang Vietnam

How hard is Ha Giang Loop?

Ha Giang, Vietnam. Located in and around Ha Giang (300 km from the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi), the Ha Giang Loop is a fascinating motorbike route that takes cyclists to a variety of breathtaking limestone karst landscapes, rice paddies, and traditional ethnic villages. The main part of the cycle you can complete in 3 days is about 350 km (already

So if you are looking for a quiet place to visit unaffected by mass tourism, if you dream of a motorbike trip through breathtaking regions, if you are hoping to meet people Locals with ancient traditions, avoid the amazing limestone mountains, or if you want to explore this fascinating area, here are some key points to help you organize your trip.

Ha Giang Loop map

HA GIANG LOOP VIETNAM | 4 Day Motorbike Adventure - The Coastal Campaign

Nestled in the dark high mountains of northern Vietnam, Ha Giang is still considered a novelty destination, and it offers a great alternative to the busy Sapa to spend a few days in this wonderful place. Although you won’t be there to see the dreamy rice fields that have made Sapa famous, you will soon discover that Ha Giang has plenty of other treasures to discover…

You can find a tour 6-day itinerary in the mountains around Ha Giang. However, your travel time may be shorter or longer depending on your allocation or travel style. As photographers and slow walkers, we usually take our time, so six days isn’t bad (but we could have stayed longer). 

The map below will help you understand more about Ha Giang Loop.

Ha Giang – Tri Son town (46 km):

Ha Giang is a one-stop place to visit a wide range of hotels or guesthouses before or after a trip. Some nearby attractions such as Cam Mountain or Thon Tha village of the Tay people are also worth it. From there to Tanshan town at the end of Guanbaguan, you stand

 Through the villages of Nanba, Shuangshan, and Longkuidong, you can feel the difference between the city and the highlands, and at the same time feel the atmosphere of the countryside and the cold. There is always a big market of 22 ethnic minorities every Saturday.

Tam Son – Yen Minh (50 km):

à Nội - Hà Giang - Lũng Cú - Đồng Văn - Mã Pí Lèng - Mèo Vạc - Bắc Mê - Thai Tourist

From the Heaven Gate, you can see the whole town of Tam Son. It seemed to be streaks of clouds in the sky as we crossed the slopes of Can Ty, where vast pine forests stretch across many slopes to reach Yen Minh town. A Ming town is an ideal place for tourists to have lunch and rest on the way.

Yen Minh – Dong Van (46 km):

Great after conquering Tham Ma Pass, Chin Khoanh is breathtakingly beautiful, and the climate changes. Visit Longkan Cultural Tourism Village, where the scene is adorned with colorful costumes of the locals and flowers on their shoulders. You can visit the palace and ancient house of the Hmong King in Pho Bang to learn more about the local architecture and history. Lung Cu flagpole is a monument marking the northernmost point and a great place to relax! Dong Van Old Town is far from less busy areas and is the busiest at night. The Old Town is also home to thousands of residents and has told many stories for over 100 years. There are a variety of first-class specialties such as thang co to satisfy your cravings.

Dong Van – Meo Vac (22 km) – Du Gia (72 km):

HCM - Hà Nội - Tuyên Quang - Hà Giang - Quản Bạ - Lũng Cú - Đồng Văn - Mèo Vạc - Mã Pì Lèng 4N3Đ + Bamboo Airways

Mapiling passes on the happy road QL4C at an altitude of 1500m connecting Dong Van and Meo Vac. Raiders scene
Adventurers are attracted to games with dazzling curves and zigzag turns in the hills. Overlooking the rocky cliffs, the Nho Que River and Tu San Gorge in jade color are mesmerizing, like jazz notes in a majestic symphony. In the areas of Meo Vac, Mau Due, and Du Gia, the roads seem wilder, with simple houses and green terraces beside the jagged rocky mountains. The valley is lively and inviting, with rustling leaves falling gently over murmuring waterfalls. You should immerse yourself in delicious local food and “happy water” or learn about their traditional customs at night, such as handicrafts in Longtan Village.

 Since Ha Giang is not as famous as Sapa, the tourism industry is less changeable than in Sapa, so traveling there is more demanding. While exploring your surroundings, you can still feel the exhilarating sense of adventure that gives the valley such an enchanting feel. We fell in love with Ha Giang at first sight and didn’t hesitate to make it one of our favorite destinations during our 8-month trip to Asia.

Guidelines Trip

Đúc kết kinh nghiệm đi du lịch Mèo Vạc - Hà Giang, vui chơi quên lối về 

ATM: In Ha Giang, Sam Son, and Dong Van all have ATMs so don’t worry. You will easily find accommodation for 7-11 USD a night and food for 3-6 USD.

Bus: Ha Giang has a bus station. You will find regular travel from Hanoi. The price is 200,000 VND one way.

Motorbike and scooter rental: Ha Giang is everywhere. The only difficulty is making a choice. We choose QT Motorbikes & Tours, where the very reliable and helpful owner Quang Tan rents us new and well-maintained motorbikes. His English is very good, he has a lot of useful information to share about the area and he can even guide you around if you need to. One of the motorbikes fell during our trip and he asked us to replace the damaged parts at a very affordable price.

Sleep/Eat: You’ll find accommodation at various prices in Ha Giang, Sam Son, An Minh, Dong Van, and Myaew Wa. We especially love Tam Son in terms of eating, resting, and sleeping. If you are looking for a good Vietnamese cafe, this is the place to go! Dong Van is a significantly larger town that offers more amenities but also has more tourists. You can also find several guesthouses in several eco-villages scattered around the area. In Nam Dam after Tam Son, a beautiful village belonging to the Red Zao ethnic group, there is a very good village.

Gas stations: You will find gas stations at Tam Son, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac.

Ethnic markets: Don’t miss the Sunday markets in Dong Van and Meo Vac. There is also one at Yen Minh on Wednesdays and Sundays. We like Lung Pin markets, but you need to find out when they happen (not all times on the same day). There are many markets in the area, and you’re sure to stumble across one while driving. Don’t hesitate to drop by, it’s a pleasure to visit them.

Top 12 Địa điểm du lịch nhất định phải tới khi ghé Mèo Vạc, Đồng Văn - toplist.vn

Breathtaking views: Well, the whole area is beautiful. We can still notice two passes with beautiful views: Quan Ba pass in front of Tam Son and Ma Pi Leng pass between Dong Van and Meo Vac.

Traffic: Well, not so good… WARNING! Be very careful as people tend to get drunk more in areas where there is a lot of danger on the road. Download the maps. me app to use offline gps with you anytime. It always works! Note, however, that on this map, a major road is marked between Niem Son (south Meo Vac) and Yen Minh, but in reality, it is more like a mountain road and poorly signposted. We learned it the hard way… On the other hand, the road from Meo Vac to Lung Phin has just been redone, so it’s the best route.

Season/Weather: Check the weather forecast carefully before departing. Heavy rain and fog are common there. Summer evenings are often cold and winters can be cold! If you are lucky enough to visit in October, you can also witness the buckwheat fields in full bloom with pink flowers. Pretty unforgettable!

If you don’t know Ha Giang yet, but still reading this article so far, you might want to know what this place is like and what it has to offer. If so, here you will find our Ha Giang travel photo diary, this amazing place!

That everyone understands the subject, we can start: first, here’s a Ha Giang Loop map of the recommended climbing route! 

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