Top Best 4 Ways Get From Ha Long Bay To HaNoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Hanoi is not only a political and economic center but also a famous tourist destination around the world. If you have been to Hanoi once, you will never forget the unique atmosphere here: Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, tree-lined streets, quiet cafes… The distance from Ha Long Bay to

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. Hanoi is not only a political and economic center but also a famous tourist destination around the world. If you have been to Hanoi once, you will never forget the unique atmosphere here: Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, tree-lined streets, quiet cafes…

The distance from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi is Only about 160 km (equivalent to about 3km). driving hours). Therefore, if you travel to Ha Long Bay, don’t forget to visit Hanoi and experience the contrast between past and present in this thousand-year-old land.
Because the distance is short, there are many ways to travel from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi including cars, trains, motorbikes, and tours. This article will provide detailed instructions so that visitors can choose the type of transportation that best suits them.

Get from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi by bus

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Local long-distance buses from Ha Long Bay will stop at Bai Chay Bridge. Many bus companies are running from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi. Depending on the location, visitors can choose a bus from Ha Long Bay to Luong Yen bus station, Giap Bat bus station, or My Dinh bus station in Hanoi.

Normally, travel time from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi is about 4 hours. Previously, visitors had to take about 30 minutes by bus or taxi from Ha Long city center to the bus station. It takes another 30 minutes from the bus station to the Hanoi center. Therefore, if traveling by car, the total time will be about 5 hours.

Like any other journey, a passenger car is always the cheapest means of transportation. The ticket price from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi is only from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND/ticket. Ticket prices will vary depending on the carrier and time of day you travel (may increase during festivals).

 Advantages of taking the long-distance bus from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

How to Get from Hanoi to Halong Bay: 6 Transportation Options & How Far

Local buses are the cheapest way to travel. This is especially suitable for people with limited wallets. You can spend money to experience Hanoi’s culture and services instead of traveling too much.

Today, with the continuous development of the transportation industry, garages are increasingly improving their service quality to compete. Of course, visitors will also love the result.

Local long-distance buses offer tourists a great opportunity to experience local cultural life: passenger buses are still the top choice of Vietnamese people, especially for short-distance routes because of their low prices. affordable. So, on the bus, you will sit with local people and observe their words and behavior…

Disadvantages of taking a bus from Ha Long to Hanoi

It may be difficult for foreign tourists to fully understand Vietnamese bus customs or exchange information with drivers. Additionally, if the bus breaks down or slips, you could miss out.

For visitors with only one day, this is not the best choice. Your trip will not be complete if you leave Ha Long Bay early to move.

Furthermore, road traffic is always the most potentially risky activity. Travelers are more likely to encounter congestion if they travel during the day. If you drive at night, the chance of a traffic accident is higher because there are no police and the driver may fall asleep or speed.

Local tourist cars are more difficult to control than other means of transportation, so during holidays and New Year (National Day, New Year) tourist cars are often full and crowded with too many passengers. So traveling during this time is not a pleasant experience at all.

Our advice when taking the bus from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

  • If you have a lot of free time, take the bus, otherwise consider a car and other means of transportation.
  • Learn more about the car company and read reviews before buying a ticket.
  • Be sure to research your route carefully. Unlike airplanes or trains, long-distance buses stop at many stations before arriving at the station. So if you know your way around, you’ll probably be in the easiest place to get into the city.
  • Write your destination down on a piece of paper so the driver can take you to the right place if necessary.
  • In Hanoi, Grab service is very developed, so if you call Grab instead of calling a taxi, you will not worry about increased fares when driving everywhere. If you want to save money, take the bus, there is always a bus stop right at the station to get to the city center.
Currently, there are tourist buses (passenger transportation for tourists) picking up passengers from Tuan Chau, Ha Long Bay to Lemon-&4 Annin and Ba Dinh hotels, ticket price is only 120,000 VND/ticket/person. The vehicle will not carry passengers on the road like some local buses. This mode of transport is a very good option for a day trip to Hanoi. Because it will take passengers from Tuan Chau and Ha Long Bay straight to Hanoi Old Quarter, there is no need to take a taxi to the station.

To book tickets, Whatsapp: (+84)969043106

Get Ha Long Bay to Hanoi by train

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Take a local train from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

The railway line from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi is about 190 km long. The train will depart from Ha Long Bay via Caim (An Vien Town) to Hanoi Station. Driving time is about 7 hours. Depending on the type of seat, the average ticket price is about 100,000 VND per ticket.

Take a high-quality boat from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

One of the most popular cruises is the Ha Long Express. The train departs from Ha Long Station and takes about 5 hours to arrive at Gia Lam Station in Hanoi. Departing from Ha Long Bay, the boat departs at 3:00 p.m. daily and arrives at Gia Lam Station at 8:05 p.m.


  • For foreigners (who will use other tickets with signs and regulations) 15 USD/ticket (equivalent to about 340,000 VND) each way.
  • The ticket price for a group of 15 people is US$10/ticket/way (about 227,000 VND)
  • Children under 5 years old are exempt from purchasing train tickets (accompanied by an adult and do not assign seats).

Please contact: (+84) 24 9059059 or (+84) 944916916 to book tickets and get more detailed information about these trains

Services: On this type of ship, visitors can enjoy many exciting entertainment activities such as:

  • Bar Service: Provides meals and other drinks on board.
  • On board, there are advertisements, comedy clips, movie screenings, music, and other entertainment programs.

Taking this train, visitors will feel most comfortable when traveling from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi.

 Advantages of taking the boat from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

Other means of transport such as passenger cars, motorbikes, or private cars can reach Ha Long Bay, this is a very convenient and quick way (takes about 3-4 hours). However, the train experience, although it takes more time, has its interesting things.

You will discover the natural beauty of mountains and forests with peaceful rivers on the train from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi. Sitting at the train station, looking out through the glass window, gently experiencing the beautiful scenery of Vietnam is more peaceful than any other means of transportation.

In addition, the boat price from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi is also quite cheap. Therefore, without having to spend a lot of money, visitors can still have interesting experiences.

Finally, Hanoi Station is located right in the city center so travel is very convenient. If you travel to the city center by bus or plane, you have to travel a very long distance, but by train the distance is only a few kilometers.

Disadvantages of taking the boat from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

The biggest problem with train travel is noise. For those who can’t stand the noise, a 3-hour train ride won’t help.

In addition, if you take the train, you will have to walk a long way. Therefore, this way of traveling is not suitable for people who like to carry a lot of luggage.

Our advice when you take the cruise from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

First of all, Ha Long Bay and Hanoi are two destinations that attract a large number of tourists. Therefore, visitors should book tickets early to ensure tickets are available, especially during Vietnamese holidays.

Second, train stations are always crowded with hundreds of passengers, so visitors must always take care of their luggage.

Third, as mentioned before, visitors will have to walk quite a lot if they choose to take the train. So wear comfortable clothes and bring a light suitcase for easy movement.

To get cheap prices, visitors can choose reputable tour groups. By choosing this form, you don’t have to worry about tickets, high discounts, and good service

Ha Long Bay to Hanoi by a moto

The distance from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay is about 155-160 km. There are two routes you can choose:

  • Ha Long City-Quang Ninh, Vuong Bi-Hai Duong, Chi Linh-Hung Yen, Nhu Quen-Gia Lam, Hanoi
  • Ha Long Bay-Wang Bi-Hai Duong-Hung Yen-Nu Quoc-Gia Lam-Hanoi

Ha Long Bay to Hanoi: Top 5 ways to travel - Best travel guide

How to ride a motorbike from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

For the address, visitors should ask the hotel reception – they are the most knowledgeable people in the area. In addition, you should book a car 2-3 days before your travel date to ensure you get the best quality car rental service.

Please consult the vehicle owner to prepare for your trip. You don’t want your car to break down in the middle of the road. Choose the best car with someone knowledgeable about motorbikes. Usually, the price is negotiable and the car owner is not given an original passport.

Motorbike rental prices range from 100,000 VND to 300,000 VND/day (24 hours), depending on the type of vehicle.

Some reputable car rental locations:

Kim Dung Hotel No 16 Cao Dat, Bai Chay, Halong city (+84) 912 026 766 VND 100,000- VND 160,000
Alex Hotel No.18, Halong Street, Bai Chay, Halong (+84) 922 863 628 VND 100,000- VND 200,000
Minh Thanh Company many brands in Halong city (+84) 979 321 718 VND 100,000- VND 150,000
Anh Tung store Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province (+84) 1686 899 986 VND 100,000- VND 200,000

Advantages of riding a motorbike from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

Be proactive: With self-guided motorbike rental services, visitors will always be proactive on their path and on their own time. You can stop anywhere you want.

Savings: Motorbike rental prices are much cheaper than other services.

Experience: Riding a motorbike, you can experience the beautiful roads of Vietnam and the lives of people anytime, anywhere.

Disadvantages of riding a motorbike from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

Danger: Motorbikes are inherently dangerous, plus you have not used a car and are not familiar with the roads, so the journey will be difficult.

Don’t bring too much luggage: If you are determined to ride a motorbike from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi, you should not bring too much luggage.

Fatigue: Driving hundreds of kilometers alone is not easy, especially in bad weather. Therefore, if you do not have good physical strength and endurance, you should not choose to travel by motorbike.

Our advice when traveling by motorbike from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

  • When renting a motorbike in Ha Long Bay, remember to leave necessary information for the motorbike owner such as name, the hotel you stay at, and phone number in Vietnam…
  • Make sure your steering wheel is smooth when driving, especially on the highway
  • Must have all necessary driving documents such as driver’s license, registration, insurance card…
  • Check carefully before renting: Check turn signals, horn, headlights, rims…
  • Make sure your helmet is good for your safety. If the helmet is damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Always wear a hat when traveling
  • Have a repair kit on hand to prevent your vehicle from crossing the street if an auto repair shop is not available
  • Running speed must be appropriate and slow down in crowded places.
  • Pay attention to where you buy gasoline. If the gas station is far away, buy gasoline in a plastic bottle and bring it with you.
  • Travel in groups: When tourists encounter difficulties, they should not split into groups to seek help.

 Ha Long Bay to Hanoi by a private car

Hanoi To Halong Bay Private Car - Phong Nha Locals Travel & Transport

If you are traveling in a large group of 4 – 6 people, you can consider renting a self-driving car to fly from Ha Long to Hanoi.

Driving from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi is like riding a motorbike, but depending on your schedule, the travel time can be shortened to 3 hours.

If you need to rent a car, you should prepare:

  • Original ID card/passport and other contact information such as phone number, hotel where you stay…
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Vehicle deposit: depends on vehicle type
  • Car rental price: 800,000 VND to 1,500,000 VND depending on car type

For famous car rental locations, visitors should refer to the hotel where they stay. There are many car rental services for hotel businesses. No one knows service better than the locals.

If you cannot self, you can rent a car with a driver. Currently, there are many car rental services from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi, priced at about 1,700,000 VND (4-seat car).

You can call some reputable companies to ask for the latest prices

Advantages of taking a private car from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

Hanoi to Halong Bay Private Car Transfer Service - Hoi An Private Taxi

Just like a motorbike, when driving a car you will:

  • Proactive: if you want to go then go, if you want to stop then stop
  • Experience: Mastering your itinerary, you will have many opportunities to experience nature – Vietnam – and its people.
  • Privacy: If you travel by other means, you must follow their instructions. Then, by renting a car, you and your friends can wreck whatever you like.
  • Furthermore, traveling by car is much more comfortable than riding a motorbike and you won’t be tired or crowded.

Disadvantages of taking a private car from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

  • Expensive: Renting a private car will be more expensive than traveling by motorbike or other means. Therefore, if you go in a group you will save more.
  • Safety: Driving a new car on new roads is not easy, especially with the “crazy” traffic situation in Vietnam.

Our advice for traveling from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi by private car

Car rental must have a contract between both parties. To ensure the right steps, especially during peak season, you should introduce penalties according to the contract if the car owner does not provide the car on time.

As a tourist, to enjoy and enjoy life, you should be careful with cheap cars because they will most likely come with cars of sub-optimal quality. The safest way is to see the car first and rent a suitable car if there are no problems.

Please inform the driver in advance – the driver will be on the shuttle and is responsible for the safety of the trip. And if possible, agree with the restaurant owner at the beginning of the trip such as itinerary, route, contact information of the tour leader, speed requirements (don’t go too fast)…

Be sure to ask the driver to estimate how long it will take for employees to stop, drink water, and go to the bathroom. This is very important when there are elderly people, children, and people who like to drink beer in the car.

Ha Long Bay to Hanoi by group tour

The Best Ha Long Bay, North Viet Nam - viettravelland

Ha Long Bay and Hanoi are two of the most popular destinations in Vietnam and because these two destinations are not too far apart, many travel companies sell tours at many prices.

To get a suitable tour, visitors can find directly at their office in Ha Long City or visit their website or through popular travel applications such as Traveloka, and Airbnb…

Ha Long Bay – Hanoi tour usually lasts 2-3 days, depending on the schedule. Even when crowded, tourists can still negotiate with travel companies to design their itinerary.

Tour prices also vary. If you are lucky, you can buy a tour for about 350,000 – 500,000 VND per person. However, the average price is 750,000 VND – 1,500,000 VND

 Advantages of moving from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

Cheap price: Specifically, if you travel at your own expense, group travel fees are often much cheaper.

Clear schedule: When you buy a tour, you already have a schedule: what to eat, where to go, and where to go. You will spend all your time relaxing instead of thinking about what to do next.

Tour prices often include travel insurance, which will help visitors stay safer.

Disadvantages when traveling from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

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Unconditional: Tour means you must travel with the group, must visit according to plan, and must not leave the group alone.

Not very private: You have little free time so it’s difficult to have private space. Of course, if you go with a team, you have to be polite, don’t talk loudly, don’t smoke… sometimes it’s uncomfortable because sometimes you just want to stay away from the rules.

Currently, many tour groups are advertising huge price differences, and there are even more fake tour groups. Therefore, tourists should be especially careful when choosing their tour.

Our advice when buying a Ha Long Bay tour to Hanoi

Just one thing: please check the information carefully before booking. You don’t want to travel on shabby buses, sleep in shabby hotels, and eat in unsanitary restaurants.

Also, remember to write down your tour guide’s phone number and your hotel address so you don’t get left behind if you get lost.

Hanoi, the cultural capital, is unique with ancient monuments, lyrical natural landscapes, and culinary quintessence. If you have been to Hanoi once, you will never forget the typical atmosphere of Pottery Lake, West Lake, tree-lined streets, or quiet cafes… Hopefully, this article has useful information. will help tourists have the best choices for the journey from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi

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