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How Many Days Should You Be In Ninh Binh

The answer to the question " How many days does Ninh Binh have? " depends on what sites you want to visit. All in all, 2 days is ideal for exploring all the highlights of Ninh Binh

The answer to the question ” How many days does Ninh Binh have? ” depends on what sites you want to visit. All in all, 2 days is ideal for exploring all the highlights of Ninh Binh. You can still follow the storm in less than 24 hours, but of course, you don’t want to make the trip too hasty!

So where should you go and what should you do on your 2-day itinerary? This is the itinerary suggested by Annie go, you can arrange to explore the countryside of Vietnam

How many days should you be in Ninh Binh?

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Overall, your stay in Ninh Binh will depend on your interests and itinerary, but 2-3 days is a good starting point to explore the area.

The 2-day Ninh Binh itinerary is suitable for those who want to explore the main attractions, while the 3-day itinerary is more suitable for those who want to add some activities and attractions or want to immerse themselves in the culture and local cuisine.

During a 2-day Ninh Binh tour, you can focus on visiting the main attractions such as Tam Coc, Truong An, and Bai Dinh Pagoda. On the first day, you can visit the Three Valleys, famous for their beautiful limestone formations, and take a boat ride through the caves. After that, you can go to Trang An to explore the beautiful scenery and take a boat ride across the river.

On the second day, you can visit Bai Dinh Pagoda, the largest temple complex in Southeast Asia, with many beautiful temples. You can also visit the ancient capital Hoa Lu, which was once the capital of Vietnam during the Dinh and Le dynasties.

Tổng quan Du lịch Ninh Bình

For your 3-day Ninh Binh itinerary, you can add more activities and attractions. On the third day, you might consider taking a day trip to nearby attractions like Cuc Phuong National Park or Van Long Nature Reserve. Cuc Phuong National Park is a beautiful nature reserve with diverse flora and fauna, while Van Long Nature Reserve is home to many rare bird species and other wildlife.

Alternatively, you can explore Ninh Binh’s local culture and cuisine on the third day. You can visit a local market, sample traditional dishes like goat meat and take a cooking class to learn how to prepare local dishes.

A 1-day itinerary is possible, but it will only allow you to visit one or two attractions, such as Tam Coc or Trang An. This will be a rushed experience and you may not have enough time to fully appreciate the beauty of Ninh Binh. We recommend spending at least 2-3 days in Ninh Binh to fully explore and enjoy this area.

Which place to visit in Ninh Binh in 2 – day

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To help you explore the Ninh Binh area, I have put together a map with all the major attractions and places – in English – divided into 2 different days.

Day 1: Trang An – Hoa lu Ancient Castle – Baiting Temple


There are only 3 locations on the first day, but each will take a few hours to explore. I highly recommend the motorbike tour because the distance between these attractions is quite long.

Trang  An

Khám phá khu du lịch Tràng An - tiên cảnh chốn nhân gian

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex is an impressive collection of large limestone cliffs, covered by forest. Across the region, you can find temples, dozens of valleys, and about 50 different caves.

The best way to appreciate this awe-inspiring scene is to join a boat tour captained by a local Vietnamese woman.

Take a sightseeing boat ride through this delightful landscape

The rowing method used by these women is to use their legs to row a wooden boat around the river. The goal of this approach is for them to face forward while reducing pressure on their back and arms.

The leisurely kayaking through the stunning Ninh Binh countryside is a highlight of the trip!

Tips: Driving takes about 2-3 hours.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital 

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital: A must-see for every culture lover

Hoa Lu is the ancient capital of the Dinh and Le dynasties dating back to the 11th century. About 14 km from Ninh Binh, near Truong An boat station.

Today, what remains of the old city is just that: a ruin. The structures that still exist include the temple of Dinh Tien Hoang, where statues of Emperor Dinh Bo Linh and his sons are located, and the royal temple of the early Le dynasty.

Hoa Lu is a historical destination

Hoa Lu ancient capital still preserves traces of an ancient fortress built by the Dinh dynasty more than 1,000 years ago. The Royal Palace was buried 3 meters underground and has now become an extremely interesting place. Visitors will have a chance to see old items used by royal families in the past.

The outer fortress was built according to the sky: the mountains as the base, the deep valley as the basement, and the river that provided water for the people inside the fortress, which would become a trap to fight the enemy no matter what. The fortress is so powerful that it can hold off even the strongest enemies for months.

On the other hand, the inside of the fort is a great setting for photography and sightseeing. In addition, Hualu Old Town easily attracts tourists with its unique aspect.

Bai Dinh Pagoda

Bai Dinh Pagoda - What you need to know for visiting in 2023

Bai Dinh Pagoda is located on the mountain 15 km from Ninh Binh City and is a large religious complex. Everything here is huge. Within 5.39 square kilometers, there are 5,000 Buddha statues, a 36-ton bronze bell, and dozens of Buddhist temples, each with more than one. Usually, tourists visit the complex by tram.

This is the absolute largest temple in Southeast Asia. Climbing to the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the wonderful open view of Ninh Binh province.

Day 2: Tam Coc – Bich Dong Pagoda – Dance Cave – Thung Nham Bird Garden

Tam Cốc - Bích Động - Thung Nham | Du lịch Ninh Bình

Contrary to the first day, this day can be done by bicycle because the distance is shorter. All attractions are located in or around Tam Coc.

Dubbed “Ha Long Bay on rice fields” or “Ha Long Bay on land”, Tam Coc looks like a movie set. Ngo Dong River is surrounded by rice fields and limestone. The feeling of traveling through a special natural kingdom is very real as you sail through it. The Vietnamese call Tam Coc the Blue Sea, and when you see the rice fields with your own eyes, you’ll understand why.

Is this a movie scene?

One of the best things to do in Tri-Valley is to rent a bike. It gives you the freedom to go wherever you want at a convenient time.

Rice fields surrounded by miles of trails to explore; From ancient cemeteries to smaller villages where kids cycle from school on oversized bikes every afternoon, smiling brightly and unafraid to wave – there’s so much to look forward to waiting.

Bich dong Temple

Bich Dong Pagoda- The Ninh Binh Spiritual Attraction - Culture Pham Travel

If you come from Tam Coc, the road to Bich Dong Pagoda is simply stunning. At certain points, you will be surrounded by huge rice fields against the background of limestone cliffs. Worth a stop for some selfie moments!

Bich Dong Pagoda is a group of 3 pagodas located on a mountain. To discover the highest point, you need to go through a series of caves. It gets dark inside sometimes, so pay attention to your steps!

Inside are some hollow stone and stalactite carved Buddha statues that you can play some tunes on. Some of these caves were used by the Viet Minh to hide from the French during the First Indochina War.

Tip: Set a maximum goal of 1 hour because the site isn’t too big.

Mua Cave is located near the Ngo Dong River. The actual caves in the limestone mountains are pretty boring, but the 500-step pagoda is well worth the walk.

Mua Cave, Ninh Binh: History, Activities, Accomodation & Transport

It’s worth climbing over 500 steps!

Due to the winding nature of the stairs, it can be difficult to gauge how far you’ve come, but perseverance will ensure you’re rewarded with one of the best views in Vietnam. Reaching the top of the hill, you will see the Ngo Dong River meandering through the Three Valleys and endless mountains, enveloping the distant scenery in the distance.

Heat and humidity can be very debilitating, so make sure you’re well-hydrated and bring plenty of water at that time.

Thung Nham Bird Park

Thung Nham Bird Valley: Best Ecotourism Park in Ninh Binh

Although Truong An and Tam Coc-Bich Dong are already familiar destinations, Thung Nham is still a strange name for tourists when coming to Ninh Binh. Thung Nham in Ninh Binh is also known as Thung Chim. It is home to thousands of species of birds.

Coming to Thung Nham Bird Valley, you will be immersed in unspoiled nature, enjoy the fresh air, and listen to the songs of thousands of birds softly.


  • Usually, at least 1 hour is enough, but you can spend an entire afternoon here.
  • Early morning and early evening hours (around dawn and dusk) are when most birds come to the park. Definitely, the best time to visit, especially in spring or summer.

Extra space

Attractions were previously the norm for visiting the area. If you’re more adventurous or have more time, you can extend your route.

A 1.5-hour drive from Ninh Binh is Cuc Phuong National Park. It’s a well-preserved rainforest with hiking trails, prehistoric caves, and ancient trees. It is also home to a rich fauna: turtles, butterflies, and critically endangered primates can be found here.

Located in the east of Ninh Binh City, Phat Diem Cathedral is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Vietnam. It’s Western in style and worth a visit if you like architecture or just want to expand your house of worship.

Are these 2 days enough time for you to explore the wonderful Ninh Binh? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Annie Go!


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