Bich Dong Pagoda.

Bich Dong Pagoda The Most New Travel Guideline 2023

Ninh Binh is a land with many beautiful scenes, such as Bai Dinh Pagoda, Truong An world natural heritage, Cuc Phuong national park, and many historical and cultural relics. Among them, there is a sacred and ancient temple called Bich Dong Pagoda. Information Travel Guideline Bich Dong Pagoda Bich Dong Pagoda is located in the

Ninh Binh is a land with many beautiful scenes, such as Bai Dinh Pagoda, Truong An world natural heritage, Cuc Phuong national park, and many historical and cultural relics. Among them, there is a sacred and ancient temple called Bich Dong Pagoda.

Information Travel Guideline Bich Dong Pagoda

Bich Dong Pagoda - Are There Any Interesting To Visit? Tips, Entrance Fee

Bich Dong Pagoda is located in the Trang An Heritage complex, known as “Nam Thien De Nhi Dong – in the Ngu Nhac Son mountain range, in Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province. The pagoda consists of unrelated buildings, and three entrances Independent temples are formed from low to high according to the mountain posture, hidden under the canopy of ancient trees and surrounded by rocks.

About 2 km from Tam Coc Wharf is Bich Dong Pagoda hidden at the foot of limestone mountains. Bich Dong means “Green Cave” and is considered the most tourist attraction in Ninh Binh. 

The scenery around Bich Dong Pagoda is very charming. It can be said that the beautiful caves are harmoniously combined with the craggy mountains, surrounded by swamps and many typical trees and flowers forming a unified whole with impressive nostalgic beauty.

Business hours: You can visit Bich Dong Pagoda all day. Local experts recommend stopping there between 9:00 and 18:00 for a panoramic view of Ninh Binh from the top of the hill.

Ticket: Visitors who want to visit Bich Dong Pagoda are free. Be careful because some people will try to make you pay the entrance fee!

Go To Bich Dong Pagoda By

From Hanoi: Only about 110km from the center of Hanoi, visitors can travel by train, bus, private car, or even motorbike.

  • By train: You can buy train tickets offline or online at the train station. The train is very comfortable and you can tour along the way.
  • By bus: From Hanoi, you can catch a bus to Ninh Binh at Giap Bat bus station. Buses to Ninh Binh leave regularly, so you don’t need to worry about missing the trip.
  • By motorbike: From Hanoi, you go in the direction of National Highway 1A – Ninh Binh Road, then continue on Highway 30/6 until this intersection, then turn right into Tam Coc.
  • Private car: Private car is expensive but very comfortable and you can have your own space.

Of the options above, most of them recommend traveling by train and bus. Because if you are not a motorbike driver, it is difficult for you to get used to this vehicle as well as the traffic in Vietnam.

In addition, you can also flexibly choose limousine bus routes from Hanoi to Ninh Binh. Ticket price from 150,000 VND /person/time

From Tam Coc – Ninh Binh: 

  • If you live in Tam Coc, the best option is to go to Bich Dong Pagoda by bicycle. Many shops in the Tam Coc Bich Dong area offer this service. You can also ask at some hotels or restaurants.
  • If you want to go further, you can rent a motorbike for about 150,000 VND/day. If you have a motorbike, there is nothing better than stopping along the beautiful road from Tam Coc to Bich Dong Pagoda to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains and rice fields.
  • Alternatively, you can take a taxi to Bich Dong Pagoda. Getting a taxi in Ninh Binh or Tam Coc is easy. The price will depend on your point of departure and the type of taxi you take. But the average price is about 15,000 VND/km
  • If you are not familiar with Vietnamese roads, you can book a tour to explore Bich Dong Pagoda. However, very few tours only take you to this temple.

Ninh Binh Biking Tour: Routes, Ticket, Time, Map, Tips - All You Must Know

Bich Dong Pagoda belongs to Truong An architectural complex and is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is located 3 km west of Tam Coc and 11 km southwest of Ninh Binh City. You can go to Bich Dong Pagoda by bicycle or rent a motorbike.

However, a recreational kayaking tour along the Ngo Dong River from Tam Coc Pier is highly recommended, with the beautiful rice fields and limestone mountains surrounding Bich Dong. 

No visitor comes to Ninh Binh just to see this temple. It should be included in your day trip itinerary with Tam Coc, Hoa Lu, and Trang An … You may want to read the Tam Coc – Bich Dong quick guide for more information.

Bich Dong Pagoda does not charge an entrance fee, but you will have to pay a small fee to park a bicycle or motorbike. Although you can visit the temple at any time, it is recommended to come here early in the morning or late at night to avoid the crowds and enjoy a moment of peace. The summer from May to July is the best time to see the golden green rice fields and blooming lotus flowers.

When is the best time to go to Bich Dong Pagoda in Vietnam?

  • Local people and tourists from all over the world often visit Bich Dong Pagoda on two important Tet occasions: the Vietnamese New Year (January of the lunar calendar) and the Western New Year (end of December). During that time, Bich Dong had many events and events to celebrate.
  • When the Western New Year is celebrated at the end of December, Bich Dong is lavishly decorated, especially at night, when visitors marvel at the wonderful nighttime rituals with countless lotus flowers brightly lit on the lake…
  • In addition, February is the Lunar New Year, which is the business of the Vietnamese people. On New Year’s Eve, locals often go to Bich Dong Pagoda to pray for themselves and their families. They also show sacrifices and pray for good luck in the new year.
  • It might be a good idea to visit Bich Dong Pagoda during this time. This is a great opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the joyful and meaningful atmosphere of the Vietnamese New Year.
  • The best time to visit Tam Coc – Bich Dong is when the rice is ripe (late May, or early June).
  • It’s sunny right now. The yellow-green rice fields and red lotus lagoon complement each other, forming a beautiful countryside picture.
  • On a foggy day, Bich Dong Pagoda looks even more mysterious through the cloudy landscape. In addition, the gentle river in the heart of the mountain makes the scenery of Bich Dong Pagoda more poetic than anywhere else.

What to explore at Bich Dong Pagoda

Bich Dong Pagoda - a Must See Attraction in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh

Bich Dong Pagoda is a typical representative of the traditional architectural style, built of wood and stone, with a tiled roof. But what makes it unique is its separate 3-story structure: Lower Pagoda (lower pagoda), Trung Pagoda (middle pagoda), and Thuong Pagoda (upper pagoda). 

The three temples are built in ascending order and to reach them you have to climb some steep steps. When you reach the location, you will see a small door next to a large mountain. Cross a stone bridge over a lotus pond, pass through a beautifully decorated gate, and take a short walk to explore the entire temple.

Bich Dong Pagoda

Bich Dong Pagoda was built in 1428 under King Le Thai To and is considered the most famous scenic spot in Ninh Binh province. A small stone bridge over a lotus lake leads to a quiet and sacred space in the middle of the mountains and forests.

Passing the stone bridge leading to Bich Dong Pagoda, visitors can see the beautifully decorated temple gate. Stepping through the gate of Bich Dong Pagoda, visitors seem to be lost in an oasis of peace. It’s great to take the time to explore this place.

Bich Dong Pagoda has 3 separate ancient pagodas: Ha (Ha), Trung (Middle) and Thuong (Thuong). The three temples are arranged in ascending order. Climb some steep hills and you can enjoy great views.

The first taha is located on the left. Hatta is a holy place for worshiping Buddha, and offering incense to Buddha, on the top, there are five compartments and two floors.

Ha Pagoda 

Places to stay in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Chua Ha or Ha Pagoda is located at the foot of the mountain. It was used as a sacred place to worship Buddha. Hatta consists of 5 two-story roofs, of which there are 8 smaller roofs, with wide eaves formed by 6 stone steps. The 4-meter-high stone columns in the tower are all solid without joints.

Trung Pagoda

From the Lower Pagoda, you will climb 120 S-shaped stairs to reach halfway up the mountain where Trung Pagoda or Trung Pagoda is located. The two towers are divided into two parts, one half is outside the cave and the other half is inside the cave. Two rooftops, three upper halls, front yard facing west. Precious relics in the tower include the intricately carved bronze bell, and three giant stone statues of Buddha Amitabha, Bodhisattva Manjushri, and Bodhisattva Goblin.

Thuong Pagoda

Bich Dong Pagoda - a Must See Attraction in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh

Thuong Pagoda is located on the top of the hill. The pagoda has two small temples, the left one worships the earth god, and the right one worships the mountain god. To come here, visitors have to climb 40 stone steps along the mountainside, threading through dark caves, where you can see images of fairies, Buddhas, boys, flying dragons, swimming turtles… Thuong Pagoda is a poetic place. for panoramic views Ideal location Tam Coc – Bich Dong scenery.

Walk a few steps and you will see the second Trung Pagoda. The middle tower has two areas: one outside and one inside the cave. The middle tower consists of two roofs, a front yard, and three upper halls. The pagoda has a unique traditional Vietnamese architectural style, with walls or roofs on the cliffs creating a mysterious beauty inside the cave.

The last pagoda is Thuong. To get here, visitors have to pass 40 stone steps down to the dark cave, also known as the green cave. Along the way, visitors can enjoy impressive views of scattered pretty villages, limestone ridges, and fresh air. The Upper Pagoda has two vertical pavilions that look like houses and a front yard. The outer space is a stone altar, and the inner space has a Bodhisattva statue.

 What to eat when visiting Bich Dong Pagoda

TOP 15 Best Specialties Food - What to eat in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh goat meat: Ninh Binh goat meat has the characteristics of firmness, low fat, and aroma. Some other local ingredients and specialties also contribute to the highlight of the Ninh Binh goat dish, including the accompanying vegetables, typical of the rocky mountains, Nui Vang wine, Nho Quan wine, and Ninh Binh burnt rice.

Ninh Binh fried rice: A simple dish, showing the ingenuity of human hands, handed down for hundreds of years, has become a specialty of the ancient capital and is one of the famous delicacies of Ninh Binh.

Ninh Binh snails: This Ninh Binh mountain snail is very rare because they only live in caves until the rainy season from April to August when the snails come out to feed and breed. 

  • Snail meat is tough, crispy, fragrant, and has the taste of traditional medicine. Escargot can be processed into many dishes, grilled, fried with tamarind, steamed with ginger, boiled tail, mixed with onion salad… very attractive.
  • Several restaurants are serving delicious food near Bich Dong Pagoda in Ninh Binh, which you can walk or cycle to.
  • Restaurants like Chookie Beer Garden (1.5 km from Bich Dong) – a great place to relax, and enjoy Ninh Binh specialties and smoothies, Khoa Dung Restaurant (2.1 km from Bich Dong) – food and great service, and Thuy Linh Restaurant. Pot rice is also another local specialty that you must try. Rice is often served with pork dishes.

Where is the best place to stay in Bich Dong Pagoda?

Các homestay ngắm mùa sen ở Ninh Bình - VnExpress Du lịch

The following are hotels near Bich Dong Pagoda, with good quality, affordable prices, considerate service, and clean rooms.

The first choice is Chez Loan Hotel, located just 1 km from Tam Coc – Bich Dong. Rooms here are spacious, clean, and comfortable, and prices range from 650,000 to 1,700,000 VND/day. Rates will depend on the length of your stay and the type of room you choose. This hotel features massage services, an outdoor pool, and fishing.

The second choice is the Tam Coc Hotel, not far from Bich Dong pagoda, about 700,000 VND – 1,000,000 VND/day. The rooms are spacious, clean, and comfortable. This is the best choice for travelers who want to explore Bich Dong Pagoda.

In addition, there are many other good hotels near Bich Dong for your reference, such as:

  • Three Valleys Homestay
  • Nguyen’s house
  • Ninh Binh Panorama Homestay
  • Tam Coc West Lake B&B

The best way to visit Bich Dong Pagoda is through a tour group or on your own with motorbikes and bicycles.

 You should book Bich Dong Pagoda tours ahead of time to secure your spot.

  • Delicious restaurants near Bich Dong Pagoda:
    • Kite Restaurant
    • Gia Hong Restaurant
    • Hieu De restaurant
    • Tuan Vu Restaurant
    • Tam Coc Lantern Restaurant
  • There are many hotels near Bich Dong Pagoda in Tam Coc town.
  •  Hotels near Bich Dong Pagoda:
    • View of Anatomy. Hotel
    • Tam Coc Central Bungalow
    • Anyutangu Mansion
    • Wooden house in three stone valleys
    • Lalita Tam Coc Resort & Spa
    • Tam Coc La Montagne Resort & Spa
    • Tam Coc garden resort

Top Attractions And Things To Do Near Bich Dong Pagoda

Tour Trong Ngày | Hoa Lư - Tam Cốc (Từ Hà Nội) - KKday

Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist area includes some cruise lines, cycling, and walking tours, connecting about 20 tourist attractions.

Boat Trip 

  • Port route Van Lam – Ngo Dong River – Tam Coc; Xuyen Thuy Cave (belonging to Bich Dong); Thach Bich – Thung Nang; Thung Nham – Bird Garden, Buddha Cave – Thien Ha Cave, etc

Tam Coc 

  • Tam Coc is the first cruise line developed by Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist area. 
  • Ca cave is 127m long, through a large mountain, and the mouth of the cave is more than 20m wide. The climate in the cave is cool, with many stalactites hanging down in various shapes.
  • Hai cave is nearly 1km from the calcium cave, 60m long. Many stalactites are hanging down from the top of the cave very strangely
  • Ba Cave is a cave close to the sea, 50m long, the roof of the cave resembles a rock arch, lower than the other two caves.
  • To visit Tam Coc, visitors should board a boat from the central pier. Boats take visitors on the Ngo Dong River winding through cliffs, and caves, across water and rice fields. Time is about 2 hours for a round trip. The landscape of Tam Coc, especially along the Ngo Dong River, changes with the rice season (green rice, golden rice, or silver fields).

Thach Bich – Sun Valley

  • From Dinh Cac Wharf (Tam Coc), walk more than 500m to Thach Bich Wharf to reach Sun Valley. Continuing the journey, you will see the Valley of the Sun surrounded by a sky of clouds, mountains, and water. After sailing for about 3 km, you will come to many legends, such as Ba Doi Mountain, Coc Mountain, Mang Mountain, Vang Mountain, etc.
  • Across the 100m-long Thung Nang Cave is Thung Nang Temple. The temple was built in a quiet space, with its back leaning against a sacred mountain to worship God.
  • After visiting Thung Nang, on the way to Cay Gao, you will visit Elephant Pagoda. Elephant Temple is hundreds of years old, built of stone, with exquisitely crafted stone statues. The history of Elephant Pagoda can be traced back to the Le Dynasty, and it is dedicated to Mr. Li Donghai, an official of San Trac Mountain.

Thung Nham Bird Park

Bird Watching in Thung Nham Day Tour - Thung Chim Day Trip

Thung Nham is an eco-tourism area with many entertainment and relaxation spots. The bird park’s tourist attraction is an eco-tourism area in Chang’an Scenic Area, newer than Sangu. The tourist area is located in Hai Nham village, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, about 5 km from Bich Dong pagoda to the west compared to the main attractions are Vai Gioi Cave, Tien Ca Cave, and Bird Valley.

Thien Ha Cave 

  • Located within the limits of Tuong Mountain, Thien Ha cave is nearly 200m high, and is part of a solid natural wall that surrounds and protects the southwest of Hoa Lu capital in the 10th century, associated with ancient relics. historical and cultural sites such as Ben Nha Le. , Fotoushan Hill, and Headling Fields await
  • From Muong Tho Ha village, Son Ha commune, you can take a boat ride on a small canal about one kilometer long connecting the villages. Visitors continue along the 500 m-long stone path at the foot of Tuong mountain to reach the cave entrance. The hole is 700 meters long, including a 200-meter dry hole and a 500-meter water hole.
  • The shapes created by mountains and rocks are said to be grass as bait, elephants ambush, tigers pouncing, monkeys climbing trees, etc., Tang Sang chanting sutras and praying for his disciples’ well-being, all aroused curiosity and visitor discovery.

Xuyen Thuy cave

Xuyen Thuy Cave is a dark underwater cave stretching along the Bich Dong block. The cave has the shape of a semicircular stone tube about 350m long, winding from east to west. The average width of Xuyen Thuy cave is 6m, and the widest place is 15m. It seems that nature has arranged each large stone into the shape of a bow, a semicircle, and all postures.

The entrance to the hydrodynamic river is located at the back of the mountain, opposite the road to Bich Dong Pagoda. At the end of the hydrodynamic journey, visitors can climb to the cave and Bich Dong Pagoda.

Destination of the road trip

Discovering Am Tien Cave in Ninh Binh

Trekking, cycling, and mountain biking destinations: mountains and Bich Dong Pagoda; Paradise Cave; Mua Cave; Co Vien Lau House; Thai Vi Temple – Thien Huong Cave, etc

Tien Cave

  • Tien Cave is a beautiful dry cave in Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist area. The cave is nearly 1 km from Bich Dong Pagoda. The cave consists of three large, wide, and high caves. On the top of the cave, there are many mineral veins and stalactites, iridescent stalactites of all colors, like large tree roots.
  • Standing outside, you will see the cave is like a magnificent castle. Natural changes have created stalactites in the cave with strange shapes, which are money trees, rice trees, fairies, elephants, lions, tigers, iguanas, dragons, eagles and even flying clouds. colorful. Knocking on rocks in the cave creates many strange sounds.

Thien Huong Cave

  • From Ngo Dong River to Thai Vi Temple on the road, Thien Huong Cave is located. Located on the mountainside, about 15m above sea level, is a dry and bright cave. The Thien Huong cave is about 60m high, 40m deep, and 20m wide.
  • The top of the cave is empty, so it is also called Thien Dong. Located inside the cave is the temple of Tran Thi Dung, wife of King Ly Hue Dong. She is the one who passed on the embroidery craft of the Ninh Hai commune to the people.

Linh Coc Temple

  • Linh Coc Pagoda is located in the southeast, about 500 meters from Bich Dong Pagoda. According to the epitaph here, Linh Coc Pagoda was built in 1258 during the reign of King Tran Thanh Tong. On the way to Linh Coc pagoda, you will encounter three Chinese characters “Coc Tien Linh”.
  • To get to Linh Coc Pagoda, you have to go south of Mau Dien and climb 83 stone steps uphill. The temple is in the middle of the mountain, facing the west to the north, in front of the river, the landscape is very charming.

Thai Vi Temple

The Thai Vi Temple and its beautiful surroundings - Worldwide Walkers

  • Thai Vi Temple belongs to Tam Coc – Bich Dong complex, known for its unique architecture and tranquil romantic scenery. You can walk to the Thai Vi temple from the Tam Coc tour, or take the 2km road from the Tam Coc boat station.
  • The best time to visit Wat Thai Vi is during festivals. The Thai Vi Temple Festival in Ninh Binh is held annually from the 14th to the 17th day of the first lunar month. During this time, sacrifice ceremonies were held to commemorate the merits of the first 4 kings of the Tran Dynasty.
  • Participating in the Thai Vi Temple fair, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in some folk games such as dragon Mua, lion Mua, wrestling, chess, or boat racing. Immersed in such a festive atmosphere, visitors to the temple at this time will surely be an unforgettable experience.

 Co Viet Lau

  • Co Vien Lau is an ancient house district with many old houses collected mainly in Ninh Binh and the Northern Delta. It is located next to Tam Coc Pier, on the way to Thai Vi Pagoda. The ancient Vietnamese village has an area of about 20,000m2, displaying 22 old houses from many villages in the Northern Delta.
  • The house has many furniture such as a sofa, mahogany, tea cabinet, etc. These old houses are mainly built during the Nguyen Dynasty, showing the unique culture and features of traditional Vietnamese architecture.

Mua Cave

  • Mua Cave is a beautiful landscape located in the Hang Mua tourist area in the Hoa Lu Tam Coc area. That is a very favorite destination in Ninh Binh for foreign tourists. If you go there at any time, you will easily see a lot of Western tourists checking in. Mua Cave connects to Tam Coc through attractions:
  • Cay Da Wharf – Ben Thanh – Hang Ca – Hang Mua – Hang Hai – Hang Ba – Suoi Tien – Trang An Cave tourist area. Along with Trang An, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Mua Cave forms 3 outstanding and impressive tourist attractions of the ancient capital.

Bich Dong Pagoda is a famous historical and cultural relic in Ninh Binh, just 100 km from Hanoi. Its unique feature lies in the perfect combination of staggered Spiers of ancient temples, natural karst caves, and majestic mountain peaks, hidden in the green color of tropical forests… When you come to Ninh Binh, Bi Dong Pagoda is worth a visit.

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