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Halong Bay has an archipelago of limestone islands located in the Gulf of Tonkin, in Halong City, Quang Ninh province, about 170 km from Hanoi. Halong Bay is bordered by Bai Tu Long Bay to the northeast, Cat Ba Islands,

Halong Bay has an archipelago of limestone islands located in the Gulf of Tonkin, in Halong City, Quang Ninh province, about 170 km from Hanoi. Halong Bay is bordered by Bai Tu Long Bay to the northeast, Cat Ba Islands, and Lan Ha Bay to the south and east. To plan your trip wisely and magically, check out this guide for all the information you need for your upcoming trip to the Land of the Dragons.

Best weather and time to visit

Phát huy lợi thế Du lịch Hạ Long

Similar to other northern cities of Vietnam, Halong Bay has a tropical climate with high temperatures from late June to September, occasional storms, and strong monsoons in winter. These unpleasant weather conditions, together with high humidity and heavy rain, limit the warmth and visibility of the sea. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid traveling during these times.

However, in December and January, due to the Christmas and New Year holidays, Halong Bay is mostly visited by foreign tourists and the local weather is not too hot. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities besides swimming and taking excursions to explore the beautiful caves in the bay.

The best seasons to visit Halong Bay are late spring (March and April) and early autumn (October). The climate in late spring in Halong Bay is a bit dazzling with sunshine and light wind, the average temperature is 25°C. This is also the season for flowers to bloom and the Lunar New Year, which brings not only the fresh air of the surrounding nature but also the excitement of discovering the local culture. At the same time, it is forecasted that autumn will have less rain, and the water will be calm after the storm, so this is the peak season for sea tourism.

Despite the unbearable heat in summer (May-July), domestic tourists can still enjoy the clear blue water and blue sky, which is the best angle to see the sea view. You can see the beach filled with swimmers, kayaks, and other water activities. A reminder when in Halong Bay in the summer is to avoid outdoor activities at noon, as the sun can cause heat stroke or sunburn.

Where do you live

Trang chủ - Khách sạn Sài Gòn Hạ Long - Saigon Ha Long Hotel

As one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, Halong Bay offers a wide range of accommodation options, from comfortable homestays to luxurious 5-star hotels, sure to suit your taste and budget…

If you’re in the middle of the crowd and don’t want to miss out on the city’s vibrant nightlife, downtown Halong or Cat Ba Island are great options where you can explore the city’s night market and enjoy a wide range of fresh seafood and local specialties.

Let yourself be surrounded by the tranquility and beauty of the natural landscape. Choose a place from among the small islands in the bay, such as Soi Sim Island or Quan Lan Island. In contrast to the mainland, the islands are gems that hide the original charm of evergreen mountains and azure seas. But keep in mind that you won’t find luxury accommodation in these areas due to local efforts to preserve the surrounding nature.

Western Heart Stone

The best option for leisure travelers looking for a luxurious experience is a yacht. Spend most of your time at sea, enjoying panoramic views of sunrise and sunset on the deck, while enjoying exquisite cuisine and other high-class services. Instead of being confined to rooms on the yacht, guests will have exciting activities on and off the ship to keep them occupied throughout their journey.

How to get there

1-Way Transfer between Hanoi and Ha Long via Limousine Bus | GetYourGuide

If you are traveling from other northern cities and regions, overland travel is the most popular way. If flying from the South or other countries, Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) and Van Don International Airport (Quang Ninh) are the most convenient places to go.

From these transfer points, visitors can reach Halong Bay in about 2.5 hours by bus, shuttle, or private car. Prices vary by carrier and vehicle type, with a bus being the cheapest option ($5-10) and a private car the most expensive ($65-100). All of these transfers can be booked through local tour operators with packing instructions and detailed information. For bus tickets, you can buy directly at the bus station or through online platforms like vexere.com or easybooking.com, enter your information to request available results. Buses are a very competitive form of transport, but if you are a foreigner visiting Vietnam for the first time, prepare yourself for some local languages or use Google Translate, as unfortunately, the bus staff can not speak English.

If you don’t mind taking a bus for 6 hours, it’s fine to go by train. There is only one direct train from Hanoi to Halong to Halong City Station every day. Tickets are cheap (under $5) and can be purchased online or at ticket counters at train stations. Despite the long distance, passengers can still enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery and farmland views along the way.

From Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and other major tourist centers in Southeast Asia, guests can enjoy a luxurious cruise on a 5-star yacht. The budget for this experience is quite high, ranging from 200$ to 400$ for the ultimate round trip with luxurious facilities and international standard service.

Top Activities in Halong Bay

Halong Bay Cruises (Hanoi) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

For many people, the seascape of Halong Bay is synonymous with Vietnam. Cruise ships sail the emerald waters amid thousands of rugged islands and islets, stopping at breathtaking caves where visitors can wander and admire the impressive formations every day. century. The mystical beauty of Halong Bay makes it one of the must-see spots in the country, but you can still find hidden corners to call your own

Cruising on the bay

There is nothing better than watching the sunset over the calm waters of Halong Bay, then waking up to a peaceful morning surrounded by limestone mountains. Relaxing on the sundeck surrounded by stunning panoramas is the highlight of many trips.

Explore a floating village

Halong Bay is not only recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site but is also home to many fishing communities that have lived on the water for centuries. Take a boat tour of the floating village and get a glimpse of this rare and beautiful way of life.


Kayaking at CamSur Watersports Complex - Giá tốt nhất tại Traveloka Xperience

Even if you are not an experienced kayaker, you cannot miss the opportunity to paddle in the beautiful seascape of Halong Bay. Before sunset is the perfect time to go kayaking to see the tranquil lagoon and fishing boats up close.

Climb into the cave

In addition to the rocks and jungle, many of Halong’s ancient karst formations were formed by rain and water. Take a stroll through these geological wonders – some are small, others are huge.

Try Climbing

There are countless routes in the bay to entertain climbing enthusiasts. Deep water solos are becoming more and more popular in beautiful Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, especially on Butterfly Island.

Sung Sot Cave 

Sung Sot Cave is the largest and most beautiful cave in the heritage center. In the cave, there are many different stalactites and stalagmites, showing the strange workmanship of nature. The trail to Sung Sot Cave cuts through the forest canopy with stone steps, and the climb to the top is a thrill. This place welcomes thousands of tourists every day and is a must-see on your Halong bucket list.

Titov Island

Tour Hạ Long 7 tiếng - Vivu Halong

With beautiful natural scenery, majestic mountains, and brilliant beaches, Titov Island is a famous attraction not to be missed when exploring Halong Bay. The island has a crescent-shaped beach on one side and steep hills on the other. Visitors can head to the beach to enjoy the calm sea and white sand or can challenge the more than 400 steps to the top for 360-degree panoramic views of the island.

Cua Van Fishing village

For generations, Cua Van fishing village has been both a residence of local fishermen and a favorite destination for tourists. When coming to Cua Van fishing village, you can not only enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of unique houses on the water but also learn more deeply about the culture and daily life of fishermen through activities. such as boating, fishing, or visiting a fish farm. In the middle of the sea.

Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau Island is the largest and only inhabited island with a population of 1,969 islands in Halong Bay. It is also a crowded entertainment center with a huge water park and amazing underwater shows of dolphins, sea lions, and other sea animals. In addition, Tuan Chau Island also has great artificial beaches, allowing you to immerse yourself in the sea air at all times. Only 2 km from the center of Halong, this is the perfect place to enjoy the fun and excitement of vibrant beach activities.

 Must try food in Halong

Fantastic Food to Eat in Halong Bay: 15 Delicious Dishes - Vietnam Is Awesome

 Whenever visiting any tourist destination in any country in the world, most visitors spend a lot of time exploring and enjoying the culinary wonders there. Visitors to Halong Bay are probably no exception, and they will surely be amazed at the wonderful cuisine of this beautiful bay.

 Conch – half of Halong Bay cuisine

It may be an exaggeration to say that half of the dishes in Halong are made from conch, but this wants to emphasize the significant contribution of this irresistible dish to Halong cuisine.
There is no exact estimate of how many species of sea snails there are in this beautiful bay. 

Local fisherman Juan said he has seen about 20 species of snails so far. The fisherman continued his story about the conchs, listing each one, however, after repeating it three times, the unprofessional guide decided to get straight to the point, the creature. This extraordinary will be the best way to “taste” Halong Bay.

Cao Xanh and Bai Chay markets are the most popular and should sell the best quality conch. Walking on the sidewalk in Bai Chay, which is crowded with people, anyone can see a display board called “Halong snail supermarket” attracting everyone’s attention. Skimming through the restaurant’s menu, visitors will surely be in awe of the variety of conch here.
With just a bowl of fish sauce, ginger, chili, and lemongrass, each snail has a different taste and way of eating, making it salivate. People who eat snails are advised to drink strong alcohol such as wine to avoid stomach upset.

Seafood products

Hải sản Hạ Long Bay - Số 43 - 45 Mạc Thái Tổ, Yên Hòa – PATO - Kênh thông tin và đặt bàn Nhà hàng

 Visitors will surely be excited when enjoying a special wine called “Nuan – Arca” (“Nang” is a type of wine belonging to the snake family). This particular drink is a mixture of typical Vietnamese rice wine and “Nan” blood, which is said to benefit men’s sexual performance. After blending, the wine turns slightly red and has a completely different taste. Spiritualists drink it eagerly, feeling an immediate absorption into their bodies.

When visiting Halong Bay, you must not miss another famous wine named “Hoang Bo”. The alcohol content is low and the alcohol content is not large, but people who drink too much Huangbao need 2-3 days to sober up.

Halong is also famous for its squid rolls which are said to be delicious only when cooked at restaurants here. The dish combines pureed squid with a mysterious spice known only to the chef, molded into round pieces and deep-fried in boiling oil. This specialty can be found anywhere along the coast from Quang Ninh to Hai Phong, but it is not as delicious as in Halong Bay.

The variety of shrimp, from luxurious ones like lobster to more affordable ones is another highlight of Halong Bay cuisine. For many locals, a plate of salted tiger prawns and a plate of spicy fresh vegetables is the ideal meal for a happy, intimate reunion.

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