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All Information About Halong Bay In December

Winter officially comes to Ha Long Bay in December. Ha Long Bay Weather in December’s highest temperature is only 22°C, the lowest temperature can reach about 15°C. Humidity is low and there is little or no rain this month. December is the low season for domestic tourists, it is relatively cold to go out or

Winter officially comes to Ha Long Bay in December. Ha Long Bay Weather in December’s highest temperature is only 22°C, the lowest temperature can reach about 15°C. Humidity is low and there is little or no rain this month. December is the low season for domestic tourists, it is relatively cold to go out or swim. Therefore, in winter, especially in December, you will hardly see local tourists in Ha Long Bay.


Best Time to Visit Halong Bay: Weather by Months

In December, we see the second coldest temperature of the year (February is the coldest). The average temperature is 19°C, sometimes as low as 15°C. In this weather, you can do many outdoor activities without getting tired or sweating. Be sure to bring some warm clothing as it can get quite cold after you leave the sun.


December has an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day. This is one of the sunniest months of the year. Lots of sunshine and little rain make December the ideal month to visit Ha Long Bay!

Amount of rain

Although November has less rain, December has fewer rainy days. On average, August 4th has about 10mm of rain, while November has 12mm in 7 days.


Humidity drops to 66% in December making outdoor activities more enjoyable than the sweltering heat of summer.

moon High/Low (°C) Average Rainfall (MM) rain
December (2020) 24.48°C (76.06°F) / 9.18°C (48.52°F) 23.15mm/0.91in 4 days
December (2019) 23.46°C (74.23°F) / 11.22°C (52.2°F) 18.16mm/0.71in 3 days
December (2018) 26.52°C (79.74°F) / 9.18°C (48.52°F) 30.99 mm/1.22 inches 5 days

Pros and cons of going to Ha Long Bay in December

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  • It is true that December is one of the coldest months of the year, but despite that, temperatures are quite pleasant and cool for international visitors.
  • Low temperatures and humidity make December the perfect month for outdoor activities.
  • Sunny, long, dry days are common in December.


  • The lowest temperature in December is 15°C, which can be too cold for the elderly and children.
  • You should consider bringing warm sweaters and jackets.
  • Although it is the low season for domestic tourists, there are still many foreigners coming to Ha Long Bay.
  • Water activities such as swimming and snorkeling are not suitable.

Best things to do in Ha Long Bay in December

Halong Bay in December - a Good or Bad Time for a Trip?


Winter kayaking is an experience not to be missed in Ha Long Bay in December as this is the most beautiful sailing season. In December, mild sea breezes, clear blue skies, and warm sea temperatures are ideal conditions for kayaking. You should wear long sleeves in case the temperature drops too low.

Overnight cruise

Needless to say, cruising on the sea with little or no wind and rain is one of the best experiences. Embark on a cruise to discover the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay and you’ll also have the chance to participate in onboard activities such as morning Tai Chi, sunset party, squid fishing, and live music.

Long walk

Hit the summit in pleasant weather with plenty of sunshine to keep you comfortable without getting sweaty or hot. However, some cold days may prevent you from hiking.

Cave exploration

If you don’t mind crowds, you’ll enjoy the experience of caving on a cold December day. Clear skies, little rain, and little wind. It can be colder inside the cave, so you should wear warm clothes, especially sweaters and sneakers to avoid slipping.

Activity point

Work best place The pros and cons of December point
row Luon Cave, Dark & Bright Cave, Tung Sau Pearl Farm, Frog Pond Area, Ba Trai Dao Beach Pros: Cold and dry weather won’t make you too tired.

It is less likely that rain and other adverse weather conditions may affect your trip.

– Cons: Can be very crowded in popular tourist spots.

Overnight cruise Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan, Elite Cruises of the Seas – Advantages: The weather is mild except for some chilly days. Low humidity. Severe weather conditions are not likely to affect your visit.

– Cons: price can be higher

Long walk Bai Tho Mountain, Yen Tu Mountain, Titop Mountain, Ngu Lam Mountain – Advantages: Dry weather, little rain. When climbing to the top, you will not be exhausted by the harsh weather like in the summer.

– CONS: The itinerary may not be suitable for many people and is too demanding.

cave exploration Surprise Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Dark & Bright Cave – Pros: Great weather to explore the caves, little rain

– CONS: The caves can be very crowded with tourists. Some days are too cold to go outside.


What to bring when traveling to Ha Long in December

Best Time To Visit Halong Bay: Weather & Tips | Expatolife

Although the air may be cold, the sun’s rays are still harmful. Always carry sun protection, such as sunscreen and a long-sleeved shirt or hat. Water can be warmer than air, so bring essential equipment for water activities like kayaking and visiting floating villages.

Sweaters and jackets are a good idea as it can get quite cold at night and in the sun.

Work Weather List of goods
  • Cold and dry weather
  • Clear vision and clear sky
  • A pair of sneakers or sandals
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Sunscreen
Overnight cruise
  • Low humidity
  • Light breeze
  • Less chance of heavy rain
  • Camera
  • Warm clothes
  • Sunscreen
Long walk
  • Cold weather and low humidity
  • Less rainfall
  • A pair of sports shoes
  • Anti-bugs spray
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Camera
cave exploration
  • sunny day
  • Low temperature and low humidity
  • Camera
  • comfortable clothes and sneakers

How to Train from Hanoi to ha long bay

There are several modes of travel from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay: bus, car, taxi, plane, etc. If you have a lot of free time and want to experience like a local, consider going to Ha Long Bay. Take the train from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay. Among the means of transportation, the train seems to be the least popular, but the cheapest and safest, worth a try.

Generally, the only trains to Ha Long Bay are trains 51501 and 51502 on the Ha Long-Hanoi route which was put into operation many years ago. So, when it comes to training from Hanoi to Ha Long, this idea is considered the traditional way of traveling from Hanoi to Ha Long, and therefore more popular with locals than foreign tourists.

In fact, currently, ships mainly serve small traders going to Quang Ninh market and surrounding areas. So the quality of the tour service may be a bit unprofessional, but it’s the best way to interact with the locals!

Normally, the time to take the train 51501 (Hanoi – Ha Long) or 51502 (Ha Long – Hanoi) takes about 7 hours and 17 minutes due to the speed of the train (only 45.7 km/h – much lower than the bus. passengers or even public buses).

Train from Hanoi to Ha Long: Travel like a local

Train timetables and prices from Hanoi to Ha Long

If you don’t mind long travel times and poor travel service, read on as this information can be helpful.

Train timetable

As planned, train number 50501 departs from An Vi station at 16:55 every day and arrives at Ha Long station at 11:45 on the same day.

On the way to the final stop, Ha Long, the train also passes through 11 other stations, namely Do Son, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Pho Trang, Kep, Bao Son, Lan Mau, Dong Trieu, Mao Khe, Uong Bi, Ngan Chu. . Therefore, it will be very convenient for those who plan to visit these listed places before coming to Ha Long.

In addition, at each stop (especially Kep or Mao Khe), you can have time (about 15-20 minutes) to shop, eat, sightsee and take some beautiful photos for the collection. your travel.

In addition, when returning to Hanoi, you can choose train number 51502 departing from Ha Long station at 13:45 and arriving in Hanoi at 20:31 in the opposite direction.

Train from Hanoi to Ha Long: Travel like a local

Yen Vien Station – Departure Hanoi – Ha Long train

Train station distance Time to come departure time
Ha Long 0 1:40 pm 1:40 pm
Bac Giang 126 19:41 7:28 pm
Bac Ninh 146 08:33 pm 08:30 pm
Yen Vien 164 09:17 ONLY 09:17 ONLY

Train price

Due to the long operating time of the train, each trip only has the option of hard seats, priced at about 4 USD/adult.

Additionally, if all seats are reserved, additional seats will be available for $3/adult. However, such seats are generally not recommended due to inconvenience and insecurity.

In addition, all prices quoted are inclusive of VAT and passenger insurance and are subject to change depending on the time of booking. Children under 6 years old are free; from 6 to 10 people get a 25% discount; similarly, seniors aged 60 and over get a 15% discount.

hard chair price/one way
adult $4
extra seat $3
Children under 6 years old free of charge
6 – 10 years old $3 (25% off)
Elderly people 60 years and older $3.40 (15% off)

Advantages and disadvantages of training from Hanoi to Ha Long

Like many other modes of transportation, the train from Hanoi to Ha Long has its pros and cons. Let’s see what they are and then decide whether to book a train ticket to Ha Long Bay or not.


  • Firstly, the train is the safest way to get to Halong Bay as it is much less accident risk than the bus, car, or even seaplane. So you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest without worrying about safety issues.
  • Second, the train is one of the cheapest forms of transportation you can choose, especially if you are on a tight budget. For a reasonable price of around $4/adult, you can get an easy trip to Halong Bay.
  • Finally, for those who want to find new things to do on their vacation, the train from Hanoi to Ha Long can be a good choice as it allows you to have a local-like experience. direction. Due to the low speed, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the windows of the two railway stations. Also, as the train mainly serves small traders and locals, you will have the opportunity to talk to them and hear their stories, which will give you an insight into daily life. day here. With all these experiences, your travel time can become fond memories for later!

Pictures of the train Hanoi – Ha Long[/caption]


  • One of the biggest downsides of traveling by train is that it takes too long. If you’re planning a one or two-day trip to Halong Bay, consider not taking the cruise as the 7-hour journey might make it impossible for you to take part in more recreational activities here.
  • In addition, because there are only hard seats on the train, sometimes you may feel tired when sitting for a long time.
  • In addition, poor service for tourists is another drawback that you should consider before making a choice. Since the ship mainly serves small businesses, the service may not be as professional as by shuttle bus or seaplane. Sometimes, you may encounter a language barrier when talking to the staff.

Train from Hanoi to Ha Long: Travel like a local

The only hard seat option on the train Hanoi – Ha Long Bay

The train is suitable for those who are on a budget, plan to spend time in Ha Long Bay, and like to experience new things during their vacation. However, a trip to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi will be lengthy and can be boring and exhausting at times.

Therefore, you should bring friends (especially Vietnamese friends), bring pillows, and some board games to get the best travel time. Consider all of the above information; If interested, please contact us.

Local tips

  • A colder December doesn’t mean the sun is less intense, so sunscreen, hats, and other sun protection items are still a must.
  • The weather may not be ideal for swimming, but you can try other water and outdoor activities.
  • Cruises and other services can be overbooked on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so prices can increase.
  • If your departure date is under special circumstances, it is recommended that you book your trip and services in advance

 Is Ha Long Bay worth going to in December?

Of course. Although the temperature can sometimes be too cold, Westerners can tolerate it. Plus, there are plenty of sunny days with little rain, so you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. Also, while it’s not a low season, there are fewer domestic tourists on site.

Is December too cold in Ha Long Bay?

With an average temperature of 19°C, it’s not too cold for those used to cold weather, but it’s cold. However, on some days, the temperature can drop to 15°C, which can be quite cold.

What to bring to Ha Long in December?

The cold and sometimes chilly weather in Ha Long Bay in December just requires warm clothes. Swimwear may not be suitable. You should bring sunscreen, a camera and a good pair of sports shoes for outdoor excursions.

 Is December low season or high season?

December is a month filled with fun and energy but not as crowded as the peak months like October and November. You will have plenty of space to participate in activities both onboard and outdoors in Ha Long Bay.

Can I go swimming and diving in Ha Long Bay in December?

The sea water is much colder in winter so it is not really suitable for swimming and scuba diving. Alternatively, you can go kayaking, rock climbing, and caving.

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