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Hanoi Food Tour On Motorbike Guideline 2023

Despite being the center of the capital, history, and culture, the Old Town is still a small part of the city. Let the Hanoi Food Tour on Motorcycle take you out and show you areas that most tourists don't see.

Hanoi is much bigger than just the old quarter. Despite being the center of the capital, history, and culture, the Old Town is still a small part of the city. Let the Hanoi Food Tour on Motorcycle take you out and show you areas that most tourists don’t see.

Hanoi Food Tour On Motorbike

Hanoi Food Tour & City Tour (Jeep/ Vintage Motorbike Options) - AN Tours Vietnam

With a different feel on our motorbike, we travel through unknown cultural areas while our Hanoi guide explains all about the history of the thousand-year-old city. Besides, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious street food!

Not only will you have fun and learn more about each of the places we take you on this tour, but we also get to stop by the top lights of Hanoi so you can take unforgettable photos, and pose with our bikes like a pro. motorbike, or simply have a quick snack at a restaurant on a busy street during rush hour like a true Hanoian!

Plus, the tour is customizable if you want a private tour of your favorite part of the city! So what are you waiting for, just jump in and enjoy the ride!

Itinerary Hanoi food tour on Motorbike

Paloma Motorbike Hanoi Tours (Hà Nội, Việt Nam) - Đánh giá - Tripadvisor

At 10:00 or 18:00, our guide will pick you up at your accommodation and take you outside the Old Quarter and show you the areas that most tourists don’t get a chance to see seen by motorbike as Hoan Kiem Lake, France A quarter. & Opera House, Long Bien Bridge …

During the trip, you will have the opportunity to visit West Lake, Ngoc Ha Village, and Lake B-52 by motorbike and get up close to the locals. From this moment, Long Bien – the first metal bridge across the Red River is waiting for you. This is the only bridge in Hanoi where all passengers have to turn left – right.

After crossing the bridge, you will see the local food market in Gia Lam. Before going back to Hanoi Old Quarter, you can try some food and drinks there. After that, we will take you around the Old Quarter, tasting famous and popular street foods in the Old Quarter such as Pho, Fried Fish, Egg Coffee, and many more. 14:00 or 21:30, we will leave you. where you live or where you want to go.

Tour includes

  • A motorcycle is a good helmet
  • Local guide cum driver
  • Tasting food
  • A bottle of water, coffee, and beer

Shipping only

  • Food and beverage, unless otherwise stated
  • Gifts (recommended)

Policies and more

Hanoi Motorbike Night Street Food Tour 2023

Canceled by customer

  • More than 7 days before arrival date: 10% of total tour cost.
  • Less than 1 day to 7 days before arrival date: 30% of the total cost of the trip.
  • Within 12 hours to 24 hours before departure time: 50% of the total trip cost.
  • Less than 12 hours before departure: 75% of the total cost of the trip.

Price police

  • Free for infants (0 – 3 years old)
  • Children from 4 to 8 years old: 75% of adults
  • Children from 9 years old must pay the full adult price

Perform the work

  • Your hotel will be our meeting place
  • The hotel pick-up point must be in the city center, if your hotel is outside of this area, please let us know.


  • Local expert guide – English Speaking Guide

Some dishes on the Hanoi food tour on a motorbike

Hanoi Motorbike Night Street Food Tour 2023

 Guided by an experienced food guide from Ha Food Tour, we passed through eight locations and eight local restaurants within three hours. An authentic culinary journey imbued with Vietnamese culture and history “à pied” (downstairs), we see the old charm of Hanoi through the food.


A rustic Vietnamese dish originating from the North, Pho (pronounced fuh) is a steaming bowl of pho, slowly cooked in a rich broth with tender pieces of beef.

The origin of Pho can be traced back to Chinese and French influences. Previously, noodles and spices used to cook pho were imported from China. The French used to eat red meat during colonial times. As the dish became popular and spread to the South during the Vietnam Civil War, the dish evolved with the inclusion of other ingredients in the dish used today.

Northerners eat pho simply, easily, and without ingredients. A few pieces of meat and small pieces of ginger topped with the soup served without herbs and beans. Southerners love to eat spicy and rich noodle soup with dozens of ingredients from soy sauce, beef slices, and sometimes Chinese rock sugar. It is usually served with basil, bean sprouts, herbs, chili, and lemon as seasoning.

The origins of Pho have been widely divided and debated. But it is the Vietnamese who combine Chinese, French, and traditional influences to make Pho uniquely Vietnamese.

Bun Cha 

Làm bún chả Hà Nội chuẩn vị tại nhà - VnExpress Cooking

The local restaurant, with its wooden chairs, old sign, and wooden panels all over the wall like an open capsule from the 1980s. Here, I got to taste the Hanoi dishes that I love.

Bun cha, light and refreshing, is made from rice vermicelli and charcoal-grilled pork with garlic and chives. Therefore, this is also the dish that became very famous when former President of the United States, Obama visited Hanoi.

Banh Mi 

Everyone loves a good sandwich. Vietnamese people are no exception. Bahn Mi is an inexpensive and popular dish among locals. Hailing from Saigon with French influences from the country’s colonial past, Bahn Mi is a warm baguette that combines the aromas of meat, the taste of pickles, and the flavors of vegetables and herbs. Vietnamese fresh wood.

Like Pho, Bahn Mi is also one of the famous Vietnamese dishes that has become popular all over the world, especially in the United States and Australia, where Vietnamese migrants came to seek refuge after Saigon. fall.

Egg Coffee

Everything About The Delicious Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Humble walk down a quiet street, We came to a local coffee shop. A small and unassuming place. We pass through a dark corridor before reaching a steep staircase that leads to an open corridor on the second floor. The cheerful rusty finish with low stools and Vietnamese-style tables of the cafe known for its Trung Cafe (Egg Coffee).

This drink is made from a mixture of chicken eggs (when milk is scarce), sweetened condensed milk, Vietnamese coffee powder, butter, and cheese with the same recipe since 1946. The magic in this process is in the amount of egg yolks. and coffee. Although this may sound strange, egg coffee tastes like heaven! This place is precious.

From tasting Banh cuon (banh xeo), Kem (deep-fried rolls), and Kem Xoi (Vietnamese ice cream) to the famous Pho, Ha Food Tour took us to street food places on the streets. Hanoi’s secret, many of which have been serving delicious food to generations of prosperous Vietnamese. There is no better way to experience the life, history, and culture of Hanoi beyond our eyes than through food. Not without a good food guide.

Hanoi food tour on a motorbike and its team of local food guides serve more than 10,000 foodies from around the world every year. Their knowledge and love of local cuisine have brought visitors from other countries closer to Hanoi cuisine and experience the real Hanoi through food.






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