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Are you traveling to Vietnam and wondering the best way to get from Hanoi to Hoi An? Exploring Vietnam can be difficult, especially for first-time visitors. Most of what you know about public transport doesn’t apply here. Trains can be more expensive than planes, buses require reservations, most stations can look confusing, official prices are

Are you traveling to Vietnam and wondering the best way to get from Hanoi to Hoi An? Exploring Vietnam can be difficult, especially for first-time visitors. Most of what you know about public transport doesn’t apply here. Trains can be more expensive than planes, buses require reservations, most stations can look confusing, official prices are hard to find, and scams are common.

The 4 best ways to get from Hanoi to Hoi An

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But take a deep breath and let the Hidden team take care of you! In this guide, we’ve covered all the different ways to get from Hanoi to Hoi An, along with everything you need to know to make your trip safe and enjoyable. We warn you about common mistakes and scams so you have a stress-free trip. After all, you’re in one of the weirdest and most dramatic countries in the world, so start planning!

Hoi An is located 798 km south of Hanoi. Normally, it would take you 17 hours on the road to get all the way, or 1 hour 20 minutes by plane to get to the nearest airport, Da Nang. If you are looking for great travel advice in and around Hanoi, Bac Viet is a great guide.

Fortunately, there are ways to get from Hanoi to Hoi An. Depending on budget and time constraints, you can choose from a bus, train, plane, or even motorbike – all with their pros and cons.

Buses and motorbikes will take you directly into Hoi An, while trains and planes will take you to the city of Da Nang, 30 kilometers north of Hoi An. From Da Nang to Hoi An it is only a short drive (45 to 90 minutes) by local bus, express shuttle bus, t, taxi, or private car. You can read more about how to get from Da Nang to Hoi An in our article.

Model Time Price (Vietnam Dong) Price (USD) Stop
Bus 18 hours 320,000 – 740,000 VND 14 – 32 Direct
Trains and transfers 16 hours 30 meters train
+ Transfer 45-90 minutes
396,000 – 1,840,000 trains
& 20,000 – 500,000 transfers
18 – 80 trains
& 1 – 25 transfers
Airplanes and feeders 1 hour 20 minutes flight
+ Transfer 45-90 minutes
560,000 – 2,800,000 aircraft
& 20,000 – 500,000 transfers
24 – 120 flat
& 1 – 25 transfers
Rent Motorcycles 14 hours 40 meters – 15 hours 46 meters From 230,000 (per day) from 10 (per day) Direct

Hidden has put together everything you need to know about each mode of transportation, along with some common tips and pitfalls you need to avoid, so you can make informed decisions and get the most out of your trip!

Get from Hanoi to Hoi An by bus service

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If you choose to travel by bus, it will take you nearly 18 hours on a sleeper bus in Vietnam. These can be more comfortable than regular buses. Most of them have reclining, designated seats or upholstered flat beds, Wi-Fi, TVs, and charging sockets.

Many companies can take you directly from Hanoi to Hoi An. However, it can also be quite difficult to figure out which is good and how to avoid being overcharged.

Sinh Tourist and Hung Thanh Travel are two companies that are often favored by locals. Both have buses that leave Hanoi at 6 pm daily. If you decide to go directly to Hoi An, your plane ticket will cost around 320,000 VND (US$14) and you will arrive between 11 am and 1 pm the next day. You take the bus from their office in Hanoi and get off at their office in Hoi An.

See the map at the end of this article for pickup locations. You can also choose to stop at major cities along designated routes (Ninh Binh, Phong Nha, Hue, and Da Nang). This way you can see more of the country and break your journey into smaller chunks. Open tickets are a bit more expensive than standard tickets (570,000 VND or 25 USD). If you choose this option, be sure to check bus routes as not all buses stop in the same city. Remember to book your next stop a few days in advance.

If you want to save yourself a trip to the bus station, the easiest way to book tickets is to talk to your hotel or accommodation reception. They will usually book you a ticket and explain all the details. Travel agencies are also a popular choice, often offering hotel pick-ups in the Old Quarter.

Sleeper buses are the cheapest way to travel around Vietnam. Their prices are attractive, especially for short-term departures or budget travelers, and they can be a good alternative to trains. Their biggest advantage is the “Open Tour” option. By purchasing an open bus ticket, you can get on and off buses in major cities along the way.

The beauty of open tickets is that you can spend more time in the places you like and less time in the places you don’t. This is the perfect way to deepen your understanding of Vietnam and travel easily and naturally.

If you go directly to Hoi An, it will take you almost a whole day on the bus. It can be hard to fall asleep between car music, bumpy roads, and honking horns. Earplugs and eye masks are highly recommended. Also, there are no toilets on the bus, so we had to wait until the next stop.

Get from Hanoi to Hoi An by train

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Hoi An does not have a train station. The nearest train station is in Da Nang and there are several trains daily from Hanoi. From Da Nang to Hoi An, you need to use different means of transportation. This is a very short ride with many options available for all budgets mentioned earlier in this article.

The train from Hanoi to Da Nang takes 15 hours 30 meters to 16 hours 30 meters. Most travel agencies and hotels will buy you train tickets for a small commission. However, you can also buy online using 12goasia. Hidden recommends purchasing tickets at least a day in advance to guarantee a seat or berth. Allow more time during peak holiday periods.

Types of seats include hard seats (wooden seats), soft seats (airplane seats), hard beds (6 beds, 3-story cabins), and soft beds (4 beds, 2-story cabins). Fares vary by train, with the fastest train being more expensive. The lower berth is the most expensive and the upper berth is the cheapest.

In general, hard seats start at VND 396,000 ($18), soft seats start from VND 520,000 ($22), hard beds start from VND749,000 ($32) and soft beds start from VND 943,000 (41 USD). USD).

If you want to travel a bit more luxurious, there are 4-bed VIP bed options available for VND 2,005,000 ($87) per bed, ensuring maximum comfort and a more luxurious travel style.

You can also park your motorbike in all major coastal cities including Vinh, Dong Hoi, ,Hue and Da Nang. However, you do not travel by motorbike; it travels on separate freight trains. From Hanoi, your bike can take up to two days to get to Da Nang and costs around VND 530,000 (US$23).

Pro tip: Try not to sleep on the journey from Hue to Da Nang, as it offers some of the best scenery in the country. We recommend taking the night train from Hanoi and choosing a seat on the left so you can enjoy the breathtaking view during the day.

The Vietnam rail system provides a reliable, affordable, and easy way to travel around the country. The route from Hanoi to Hoi An offers breathtaking scenery and stunning views of the coast. This is an excellent form of transportation for those who want to explore more of Vietnam in comfort. Riding an air-conditioned sleeper is better than sleeping at night on bumpy buses along National Highway 1A.

Vietnamese trains are getting old. While they are reliable, don’t expect to find spotless, super-fast, modern European-style trains here. If you only have a few days in Vietnam, spending 17 hours on a train may not be the best option for you, both in terms of time and comfort.

Getting from Hanoi to Hoi An by Plane

Hanoi to Hoi An - 5 Ways to Get to Hoi An [with advices]

Flying is probably the easiest option. There are many daily connections from Hanoi to Da Nang. The nearest airport to Hoi An is Da Nang, only 1 hour and 20 meters from Hanoi. From Da Nang, you will need between 40 and 90 minutes to reach Hoi An, depending on your means of transportation. Read our Danang airport guide here.

Flying is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to Hoi An. It can also be one of the cheapest if you book in advance. Flights have the lowest starting price of VND 560,000 (US$24) and the three major domestic airlines Jetstar Pacific, VietJet.Air and Vietnam Airlines all rank highest in terms of safety. We flew with cheap Jetstar Pacific and found it very comfortable and on time.

Traveling from one city to another by plane can make it difficult to understand the destination. If you want to explore more of Vietnam, traveling around the country by bus, train or motorbike will take you past the attractions, give you a better understanding of the real place and allow you to moreover locations along the way.

Pro tip: Hanoi International Airport is the second largest transport hub in Vietnam. Depending on the date and time of your arrival, you may have to wait in long lines for the security check. Make sure you arrive at least two hours before your scheduled departure time to avoid extra stress.

Get from Hanoi to Hoi An by motorbike

Hanoi to Hoi An - 5 Ways to Get to Hoi An [with advices]

Another popular option to get to Hoi An from Hanoi is by motorbike. Don’t skip this option just because you don’t have a motorbike in VietnaMany motorcycle shops across the country offer a “one-way” rental option. That simply means you can start your journey in one city and leave your bike in another.

Pro tip: If you know about bikes, you can easily buy one from a mechanic, rental store, or backpacker for a few hundred dollars and resell it when you get to your final destination. Most rental stores offer 24-hour support and a 50% buyback.

Style Motorbikes has shops in Hanoi and Hoi An and offers a wide range of bikes, which means you can rent a bike in Hanoi and pay it off in Hoi An. Daily prices start from VND 230,000 (US$10), while monthly prices start from VND 4,370,000 ($190). To rent a room, you have to pay a deposit or give them your passport. The minimum deposit is 13,800,000 VND (600 USD). We recommend that you do not leave your passport as hotels in Vietnam require a passport for booking, although they will send it to your final destination.

You can drive with confidence

While a driver’s license is not required when renting a motorbike from Style Motorbikes (they offer free driving lessons for the inexperienced), we strongly recommend that you have a valid driver’s license before renting a bike. Vietnam’s roads can be crowded, unpredictable, and dangerous.

Vietnam has one of the highest rates of road traffic deaths in the world, with 15,500 deaths reported each year, dubbed Vietnam’s “hidden epidemic”. Obviously, this is not the country to learn to drive and without a valid driver’s license no insurance will cover you if the worst happens.

Super easy to rent and ride

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Bicycle rental service equipped with helmets. There is also a vast selection of helmets and safety equipment for sale. Recommended routes with highlighted highlights can also be downloaded to your phone.

The journey is almost 800 km or 15 hours drive. The inland Ho Chi Minh route offers spectacular views of the mountains, rivers, and local villages. It only takes an extra hour on the road, but you can avoid the heavy traffic of trucks and buses on the more direct coastal route of the QL1A expressway. Hidden recommends that you do not go directly to Hoi An but spend at least three or four days enjoying the scenery here.

Booking in advance is often recommended as shops often run out of motorbikes. You can contact them directly via Facebook or email. Pay by cash or credit card, you can also use PayPal to pay the deposit.

When driving a motorbike through Vietnam, the destination is not as important as the journey. You will be completely free and have your itinerary. You decide how many days you want to be on the road and what stops you want to make along the way. If cycling is your thing, halfway across the country from Hanoi to Hoi An is a great way to appreciate this diverse land and experience unspoiled Vietnam.

Vietnam’s roads are as unpredictable as the weather. If you go halfway around the country, you will encounter some average or poor roads, heavy traffic, roadside markets, cattle, heavy rain, and cold weather. Make sure you’re ready for this adventure because cycling in Vietnam is more than just a “sunny beach vacation”.

To enjoy this unique experience, you need to spend at least three or four days on the road. If you are visiting Vietnam for a short time, you may want to consider other travel options.

Popular stops between Hanoi to Hoi An

Hoi An Itinerary: 3 Days in Vietnam's Most Charming Town

If you’re taking the time to travel almost halfway around the country, we recommend making a few stops that will leave you gasping for breath. Start with Van Long Nature Reserve in Ninh Binh, the most biodiverse wetland nature reserve in Vietnam and not to be missed. Continue to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, a protected area in north-central Vietnam known for its ancient limestone mountains and extensive network of caves. It includes the huge Son Doong Cave and Phong Nha Cave which is big enough to hold boats.

When you arrive in Hue, be sure to stop by the Imperial City, an ancient citadel with emperors’ residences, temples, palaces, and major government buildings. You can also take a detour to Thuy Tien Lake, an abandoned water park pictured below. Just before you reach Da Nang, Hai Van Pass will convince you to make multiple stops to enjoy the view. You can read our full Haiyun Pass guide here.

Ba Na Hills and Marble Mountains are also two top attractions that are worth a visit. All are very close to Hoi An and can be easily explored on the way there or a day trip from Hoi An. You will find all information about these famous places in our articles: Ba Na Hills and Marble Mountains.

Taking some time to travel from Hanoi to Hoi An will give you an unforgettable experience. If you feel comfortable cycling, we recommend following the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This incredibly quiet road offers breathtaking views and is ideal for nature lovers who want to experience unspoiled Vietnam.


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