Ban Gioc Waterfall Cao Bang Province Travel Guide 2023

Have you ever wondered about finding the masterpieces of nature in Northern Vietnam? In just 2 days, visiting Ban Gioc waterfall (Cao Binh province) should be the first thing on your travel list to escape the hustle and bustle and soak up the breathtaking beauty.

Have you ever wondered about finding the masterpieces of nature in Northern Vietnam? In just 2 days, visiting Ban Gioc waterfall (Cao Binh province) should be the first thing on your travel list to escape the hustle and bustle and soak up the breathtaking beauty.

Ban Gioc Waterfall Highlights

Ban Gioc is so named because it is one of the four largest cross-border waterfalls in the world, especially one of the most famous waterfalls in Vietnam. Over the past few years, tourists from all over the world have flocked to see its unique exotic style and natural beauty.

Gaobanjo Falls Travel Guide: Nature's Charm

Located in Dam Thuy commune (Cao Bang city), 335 km from Hanoi, Ban Gioc waterfall has part of the border with Guangxi province (China), with the West belonging to Vietnam and China asserting its sovereignty to the west. Winter. As a result, the Banjo waterfall area has realized a rich and diverse cultural pattern from the indigenous minorities.

Both countries are committed to reaping significant benefits from this location in terms of tourism and economic returns. What makes the scenery of Ban Gioc waterfall so captivating is its extraordinary flow of water that rushes along steps that look like giant doorways of mother nature. This alluring charm is definitely a major factor in attracting tourists from all over the world.

Which place to visit in Ban Gioc Cao Bang

Ban Gioc area is not only known for its waterfalls but also a great attraction for other amazing sights. Don’t miss the chance to visit these beautiful places:

Nguom Ngao Cave

Gaobanjo Falls Travel Guide: Nature's Charm

Carved deep into the mountain, this 2,144-meter-deep cave is one of the most fascinating caves in Vietnam and was discovered in 1921. In the traditional Thai language, “Nang Ngao” means “tiger” or “tiger”. rock valley cave”. The stalactites hanging from the roof are impressive because they were deposited by dripping water over hundreds of millions of years.

Thang Hen Lake

Gaobanjo Falls Travel Guide: Nature's Charm


Thang Hen Lake District consists of 36 natural lakes located in steep valleys, all clustered together, surrounded by jungle and rocky fields. In the Thai dialect, the meaning of Thang Hen is derived from “bee body” due to the curved shape of the lake. In the morning, you will feel overwhelmed by the sight of clouds and dew on the clear blue lake.

Ma Phuc Pass

Gaobanjo Falls Travel Guide: Nature's Charm

Ma Phuc Pass, located between Tra Linh and Hoa An districts, is famous for its charming scenery. To pass, people had to navigate a narrow seven-turn road that only competent drivers could navigate. The pass overlooks the plateau, offering beautiful views of endless mountains and forests.

Pac Bo Historical Monument

Gaobanjo Falls Travel Guide: Nature's Charm

Pac Bo Cave, where Uncle Ho lived and thought about the future of the revolution, was recognized as a National Historic Site. In addition to caves, Beibo relics also have Lenin Creek, Uncle Ho’s Memorial House, and Longlan Cave… These are the most reliable evidence about Uncle Ho’s daily life and achievements in the Resistance War. and plans to improve people’s livelihoods.

What to eat when coming to Ban Gioc waterfall?

Here are 4 of the most recommended foods to eat when you have a chance to visit Banjok Falls and the surrounding areas:

 Grilled Agarwood Fish

Gaobanjo Falls Travel Guide: Nature's Charm

This fish is named for its habit of eating agarwood leaves and stems. Before baking, they are washed thoroughly with water to remove dirt, then stuffed with spices such as onions, peppers, dill… and then wrapped in banana leaves. You can feel the scent of frankincense when eating fish.

Ant Egg Cake

Gaobanjo Falls Travel Guide: Nature's Charm

As one of the most typical delicacies in Gaoping Mountain, this cake only appears from April to May when the black ants proliferate. Covered in mochi and leaves, young ant eggs are used as the main ingredients. If you’re worried about contamination, eggs are always sauteed with onions, peanuts and a little pork before stuffing them into the cake.

Cao Bang rolls

Gaobanjo Falls Travel Guide: Nature's Charm

Different from regular rice cakes, Koh Ping Substitute is known for its special sauce made from bone broth. The bone is usually simmered for hours before serving, with minced meat and spices added to make it sweeter than ever.

Roasted suckling pig

Gaobanjo Falls Travel Guide: Nature's Charm

Locals should know that a 4-6 kg suckling pig is best for you. After initial treatment, pigs are stuffed with specialized tobacco leaves, skewered on skewers, soaked in honey and spices, and then grilled on fire. Most people prefer medium doneness because the pork skin is eye-catching, crunchy, and has an irresistible smell.

How to get to Ban Gioc Waterfall

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By bus

If you are not in Hanoi, fly to the capital Hanoi to continue to the next step.

The travel time from Hanoi to Cao Binh usually takes 7 hours, the schedule is as follows:

From National Highway 1A -> Bac Giang-Lang Son Expressway -> National Highway 4A -> Dong Khe Town -> No. 208 -> No. 3 -> No. 206 -> Dam Thuy Commune -> Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Personal car or motorcycle

Some people prefer to switch routes when traveling by private transport to visit more attractive tourist attractions during the trip. Some potential plans are:

  • From Hanoi, follow Highway 3 to Pekan province, where Ba Be Lake and Ba Be National Park are located. There are many rare ecological species here, not to mention the impressive landscape and geology.
  • Instead of taking Highway 3, take Highway 4 to Lang Son where you can visit Mu Son for a unique experience.

After that, you can return along the route towards Dong Khe town and then Cao Bang City.

Additional tips when visiting Ban Gioc waterfall

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  • Bring all your personal documents in case you need them to verify your identity and send money.
  • Drive safe! The routes and trails are long and winding.
  • Have anti-mosquito repellent and the necessary cold, cramp, or diarrhea medicine…
  • Reserve a certain amount of food and drink, near Banjok waterfall there are almost no food shops.
  • Living in the village should respect the customs of ethnic minorities, some of whom will prevent you from walking into their houses or touching their property. You should hire a local guide for detailed instructions.

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